Having a secure Internet portal for your Sales Team is a must in today’s competitive and consolidated brokerage business. 

With more manufacturer data to store and track and more people to communicate to, it is essential that you have a well organized, one-stop-shop that your team can go to  get the latest and greatest information, news and marching orders they need to effectively do their jobs.

With the Sales Team Portal platform, you have immediate access to:

  • Welcome Notes and News
    As soon as team members log in, they’ll see the latest news and information.  No more, "I didn’t get the memo" excuses.
  • Document Library
    This is the place you can store all your important documents and filter them so the right people have access to only the documents they need. Comprehensive search features allow users to easily pinpoint the document they’re look for.  Users will also be able to easily email documents directly to their customers and colleagues.
  • Image Library
    All your manufacturer, distributor and customer logos and images are stored in one central location.  Your sales team can easily find what they are looking for by using the robust search engine.
  • Access to Manufacturer Portals
    For those manufacturers that offer their own sales team portal FSE, your sales team can automatically log themselves in and search for product information, POS and much more!

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